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An Interview with Jackie Kellett – our Senior RGN

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Jackie Kellett is one of our longest serving members of staff, and the first Registered General Nurse employed by Charlotte Straker House, when she started work in September 1992.

After 25 years’ experience at our residential home, she knows every aspect of the building and our care routine, and how it has developed over the years.

As a senior RGN, Jackie currently works four days a week, and cares for all the residents and supporting our elderly residents who have complex care needs. She leads the care team during her shifts, and makes sure that they champion our residents’ safety and dignity whilst meeting their medical, physical and emotional needs.

She told us “I love the nursing side. I think I’m good at listening and one of the best parts of my job is really chatting with our elderly residents, building a relationship and talking to their relatives about their care. I like to make sure that they feel appreciated.”

Jackie is exceptionally experienced in palliative care – helping and supporting residents and their families during the last few days and weeks of their life.

She says, “It’s not often talked about, but it’s so important to ensure residents are listened to in their last days, to make sure everyone is comfortable and understands what is happening. My personal goal is ensuring residents have the best quality of life in the days that they have left – that they are pain free, and supported psychologically, socially and spiritually.

A “good death” is a gift and I’m very proud that we do our best to make this happen. Once a resident has passed, relatives can struggle, so I’m here to help support them up to the funeral and beyond.”

As Jackie has worked with us for such a long time, she has many friends amongst the staff and residents of Corbridge. She says “It’s just like a big family. We have good fun. Because our work can be emotionally draining, it’s great to have such a strong network of friends. The staff turnover at Charlotte Straker House is extremely low – we all try to lead by example”.

Jackie’s husband is a farmer near Matfen, and she is currently busy lambing, as well as helping to look after her brand new granddaughter Anna. “I’m busy!” she laughs, “but I wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Thank you to Jackie, for her long service at Charlotte Straker House, and for being such a committed member of staff – she will have worked for us for 25 years in September!

(The picture shows Jackie and resident Peggy in our lounge at Charlotte Straker House)


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