Care for the elderly in Northumberland.

About Donating


Charlotte Straker is a registered Charity and makes every effort to improve the welfare of residents and the quality of care by investing in more and better equipment, decor and furnishings.

Donations, no matter how small, are all gratefully received and we encourage donors to provide their name and address so we can claim the tax paid from the Inland Revenue.

Donating to Charlotte Straker is easy: you can send a cheque in a sealed envelope for the attention of the Chairman, take out a standing order to make regular payments to us or you can make an on line donation at

If you would like more information on how your donation will be used, please write, ring or email us and we will respond. Details on how to do that can be found by selecting Contact Us on the menu above.  All donations are acknowledged and anonymity is guaranteed where requested.




We are always fundraising for essential items within Charlotte Straker House, to ensure our residents’ wellbeing and to ensure we provide the best possible environment and care.

Therefore, one of the ways you can help the Charlotte Straker Project, includes buying or donating towards something our residents really need. If you are considering this, please see all the things we are ‘wishing for’ below:

Garden Furniture

We need to increase the amount of garden furniture we have on our decked outside area, so more residents can sit outside and enjoy the sun!

  • Chairs
  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Parasols
  • Stands for parasols

Beds and Accessories

We need one new bed, plus new pressure mattresses, tables and bed bumpers for our nursing beds.

  • Pressure mattress
  • Bed Bumper
  • Bed
  • Over bed tables


One of our hoists is damaged and needs to be replaced. We also need new slings for the hoists.

  • Replacement hoist
  • Slings for hoists

Down stairs lounge

Our downstairs lounge is in desperate need of decoration, including the purchase of new comfortable chairs designed for the elderly.

  • Decoration
  • Curtains & cushions
  • Flooring
  • Chairs

Ground floor carpets to be replaced
Bathroom, Graham Grant wing repair to flooring
Dining room floor repair to flooring
2 x room Graham Grant wing replace flooring
New inner glass entrance door
Laundry Upgrade
Dining room table x 1
Matching cups, saucers, plates for use on special occasions for residents & FR events
1st Floor corridor carpets & decor
Water tap for decking

Donations have contributed significantly to the development of the facilities and purchase of equipment in CS over the last 23 years. The major building upgrade undertaken in 2013 was supported by donations and legacies. A back up generator, specialized profiling beds, overhead tracking to enable hoisting, syringe drivers to enable comfortable end of life care have all been supported by your donations.

Gift Aiding your donation enables us to make even more use of your generosity. It costs you nothing extra and only requires you to fill in a simple form.  Follow the links below.

If you would like to support a specific event a list of annual fund raising activities can be found here.