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Tiny pony Goldie, is star of the show at Charlotte Straker House

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We all enjoyed a visit from a very cute (and very tiny!) pony yesterday.

The star of the visit was American miniature pony Goldie (at 26 inches high) from KL PONY Therapy.

She was very well trained! Our residents look forward to their visits and absolutely love seeing the ponies – Goldie was very patient and spent ages being stroked and petted. She even went up in the lift to visit people in their bedrooms.

It benefits all our residents as many remember horses and ponies from their childhood, and they love getting the chance to stroke their mane and spend a bit of time cuddling the animal.

K & L pick the ponies to have a placid temperament and although they are no bigger than two feet tall each pony they own has a very big and friendly personality.

Blondie the pony is a natural at only 9 years old, with a very placid temperament, going to each resident in turn to nuzzle them and gets lots of pats in return.

Goldie’s handler Amelia said the tiny equines live up to 55 years old and are bred as pets in America. They can even be used as guide horses to look after the blind and disabled in the same way as guide dogs.

Amelia said: “They are very intelligent and easy to train. Obviously, they can’t be ridden, but they are such little characters and all are different. Goldie is so relaxed she often falls asleep whilst she’s being patted.”

Thank you to handler Amelia and of course Goldie for their visit!

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